The majority of population don’t know the industrial cosmetic risks to be one of the principal source of exposition to thousands of chemical substances so toxic to the organism. There are so much studies that connect any of these substances with all types of autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Peluqueria natural organica Madrid

But, when we talk about cosmetics, we don’t only refer to moisturize and nutritive creams, it’s just about all hygiene products that we use every day and that our children use too. Among them, we can mention toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, creams, oils, conditioners, and a lot of products, which publicity incite us to buy, and to need, but that includes components that we never analyze in label

Peluqueria natural organica Madrid

It’s true that be worry about so much toxic substances that be around us is unpleasant, and sometime is difficult to solve it. Nevertheless, be aware about it, is the first step to look for healthier alternatives.

In cosmetic case, this issues has an easy solution: natural cosmetic. Experience with natural products as vegetable oils, clays and another ingredients that, although less practical, they are so effective, as fruit, honey, salt… it is a passionate practice that surely awaken interest because you will note evident changes for the first moment.

Peluqueria natural organica Madrid

Secretos del Agua is an example of committed products.

Butters and natural oils properties for hair care, is a reliable option. Natural, and organic products consumption, with less chemical ingredients and artificial components, turned into consumption pattern in modern society.

Is possible that an industrial product make quick “miracles” in skin, especially when we have specific illness. Nevertheless, when we take a look to the label and confirm how the components are used to make the product, be worth the effort think twice the advantages of this momentary patch, compared to the effects that it can make in our organism in the long term.

When we use natural ingredients, the answer compared to certain affections maybe can’t be as quick as we need in the short term (although so much times it is), but we are confirming we’re introducing elements that are similar to our cellular composition.

Peluqueria natural organica Madrid

Aveda help to preserve the environment.

If you are one of these people that still don’t check out natural cosmetic, we invite you to live a new experience, by making your own products and using natural and ecological substances that you skin and organism will be grateful with the passage of time.

Don’t think it is less effective on the mere fact that it be natural. Check it out on your own, and enjoy this new cosmetic adventure.

A very good example of companies that promote organic products are Aveda and Secretos del Agua, and the products you can find in Blow Dry Bar Madrid

Do not think that being natural is less effective. Check it personally and enjoy this new adventure cosmetics. We invite you to come see us at our organic hair salon in the center of Madrid.