9 tips to protect your hair in summer

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Our creative director, Daniele Sigligiano helps us to protect our hair in summer with 9 great tips that will keep the heat does not adversely affect your hair:


1.Prepare your hair. Before going to the beach, you have to prepare your hair with a hyaluronic acid treatment, which has proven to be a great protector against the sun and environmental aggressions. It protects and moisturizes hair with a thin film of water molecules that prevent dehydration from heat and cold. It improves greatly the brightness and appearance, providing a natural color due to fewer dryness and breakage.

2.Use hat. It is an effective barrier, and it looks good on you!

3.Sun Protection. You have to take all the same precautions with your hair, than your skin! Sun can burn, break turn porous your hair and also modify its color. Try to use always a protective spray and repeat the application every 2-3 hours. Aveda protective hair veil is good and natural solution.

4.Rinse your hair. Is important that, going to the beach or to the pool, you rinse your hair and your skin after each bath, perfectly. Sea salt and chlorine, damage the hair and, with sun effects, makes lighter and dries it. The blonde colors, may take a rather unpleasant greenish, if you don’t rinse chlorine well.

5.Clean. Once at home, take a shower with hair cleanser which has the power to remove both chlorine and salt. Aveda hair & body cleanser is perfect for hair and skin!

6.Moisturize. Applies a treatment that returns nutrition, hydration and shine to your hair. Aveda after sun masque is an optimal ally.

7.Poultice. Form a poultice with mint leaves boiled with apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons fresh arugula and lemon juice. Apply to the hair, keep on acting for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water afterwards. To apply it once a week, is perfect for moisturizing and shine!

8.Avoid. Or distance using dryers, hair straighteners…


9.Restructuring. Once you get back to the routine, visit your stylist to shape the haitcut and make a good deal of restructuring!

And enjoy the summer!


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