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Man Buns is a trend that creates different opinions. While for some women it is a trend that highlights men virility that wear it, for others it represents an epic senseless. What do you think?

Whether you are unconditional man bun fan, or if you are among its detractors group, the truth is sweet things never made anyone bitter, and boys we will present you below, are the real image that this hair trend, can be so flattering. Would you like to see them?

Until recently, to put the hair up with a crunchie, was a look reserved just for yoga instructors, or artistic guys, but fashion Gods have spoken, and half ponytail as sumo wrestler already has an own name: Man Bun.

These guys wear bun and, of course, beard. The hair is scarce for many of men, and the privileged who haven’t been blessed with alopecia gene, don’t deprive time to show their hair, and do it with 3 in 1: hair, bun and beard.

The change came at the last Oscars Gala, when the divine Jared Leto surprised everyone with her ​​look: since then, the man bun sets the trend and invades the red carpets, being baptized as Man Bun Boom.


Despite the current boom, we have to say that David Beckham wore this look when he was Real Madrid player, and we have to say that one of the few men who feel great, without a match beard.


Another lucky blond: Brad Pitt, actor successfully succumbed to bo, but we also enjoy him with little undone ponytail-unfinished bun. Well, Brad: you always look perfect!!


Similar to Brad’s style, we have Chris Hermsworth: Pataky’s Olympus God, is another example of attractive man with bun. Poor Chris: he would be perfect even in rags.


Do you remember Khal Drogo? The hit series “Game of Thrones” actor, sported a long ponytail as head of Dothraki, but in real life, Jason Momoa takes bun, and we love it!!


With similar appearance, we knew Brock O’Hurn, Californian model that was discovered by a Facebook video where he appeared collecting his hair in a bun… is very young, very high, and he can’t have more successful


Leonardo Dicaprio has had his bun moment too: here we saw him in a Climate Change Speech, for the Foundation that bears his name. Commited and with style, yes!!


Actors like Colin Farrel, Orlando Bloom, Kit Harington, and Bradley Cooper, have also pulled their hairs, but it was something fleeting… Special mention to Bradley Cooper, who, under our point of view, looks especially well.



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