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Full Color hair triumphs among manes of celebrities, noting especially the streaks in subtle colors, in dusty tones and matt and pastel shades. If we recently told you how the ideal look to go to festivals was festival, now, we confirm vigorously the latest beauty trend in this season, is to paint your hair in colors. Color rinses are the beauty ‘must have’, and celebrities like Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and Nicole Richie are polishing off it. Among all of colors, pink and aquamarine are the winners.

«Colors are for hair» 

Marc Jacobs

However, it is not a new trend, as evidenced by the great actress Lucía Bose, who dyed her hair blue, several years ago.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Lucía Bosé

Like Lucía, singers Katy Perry and Demi Lobato, also showed up with this color on several occasions. Actress and singer Selena Gomez, also bets on blue tones, but with streaks, keeping her dark hair. Blue is a very flattering color on dark manes. On a dark base, it may degrade the blue, starting with a darker shade at the root and ending in turquoise.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Demi Lobato y Katy Perry

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Selena Gomez

Aquamarine is emerging strongly, and is especially flattering in brown hair, like Hilary Duff. A tip: if it looks a bit washed out, better than good. If you do not want all the hair dye, Kylie Jenner teaches you how to wear it only at the tips.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Hilary Duff

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Kylie Jenner

One of the colors has won many addicts, is purple, in all its versions, from the deepest purple, to the dustiest lavender. You can sign up the tone that’s perfect for you, paying attention to Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, who shone in all her hair in two different shades, or something subtle as did Christina Aguilera and Zoe Kravitz, coloring only the tips.  As you can see, is a tone that favors both blondes as brunettes.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Katy Perry y Kelly Osbourne

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Christina Aguilera y Zoe Kravitz

In Marc Jacobs’ words, «colors are for hair» in fact, the models of his show fall-winter 2014-2015, took several shades, among which highlights pearl grey, chosen by the model and singer Pixie Geldof.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Pixie Geldof

We affirm categorically and with absolutely fervor: this summer, pink is the hotest color. We have seen on the cover of Vogue in July, where Caroline Trentini makes us sight for the baby pink hair; makes us dream of Kate Moss with this precious pink hair, turned into icon and lasted little more than a week in the hair of the top, but has managed to become one of the most inspiring and immortal looks of all time is almost a philosophy of life, a trend that many women remain an eternal romance round. It is a demanding color usually requires prior bleaching, frequent root touch-up, and a lot of care. As in the previous tones, there are celebrities who are only colored part of the hair. We see some dark woman as Katy Perry and Demi Lobato, blonde, like Dakota Fanning and chestnuts, as Coco Rocha, who prefer this option.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Ana de Armas

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Nicole Richie

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Helen Mirren y Willow Smith

Whichever color you choose, to wear color in hair, you must have attitude. To defend any look, you have to feel what you wear; must be genuine and show up an image according to your person. Keep in mind that when you wear colors such as blue or green, there is a moment they begin to fade until seems to be subtle. The pink will be salmon or pastel with washes. And if you prefer to take a whole rainbow hair, the singer Avril Lavigne and top Abbey Lee, will serve you as inspiration.

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Avril Lavigne

color blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Abbey Lee

Have you chosen your color? Let’s go to Blow Dry Bar and color your life 🙂


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