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Health and our view is first, all agree. But if we have to do it … Why we not choose wich we like? There are many models and we have a lot of doubts: big, small, classic, vintage, …

The best option is bring the kind of glasses to our face:

Drew Barrymore  - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Drew Barrymore

Round face: square glasses seated great and stylize a bit our face, a good example is Drew Barrymore.

Eva Mendes  - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Eva Mendes

Rostro cuadrado: Gafas redondas que nos ayuden a “limar” un poco los ángulos, como Eva Mendes

Charlize Theron - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Charlize Theron

Oval face: To compensate for the tightness, a big glasses, but did not move from our wide, as well shows Charlize Theron.

scarlett Johansson - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Scarlett Johansson

Triangular face or pear: As Scarlett Johansson, favors a sharp saddles.

reese witherspoon - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Reese Witherspoon

Inverted triangle face or diamond: For the broad forehead was ideally be curved, as Reese Witherspoon.

These are just tips, go to the store and try on all the you feel like and decide!!


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