Apple cider vinegar, by Megan Fox

Daniele Sigligiano | Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

Escrito por Daniele Sigigliano


It is a 100% natural has become fashionable among our celebrities.

Apple cider vinegar has many uses besides its use in our diet. We can use it in our hair, which will add shine and he will fight dandruff. You can also use against annoying calluses our feet or to relieve muscle cramps Not bad right?

But let’s focus on its use in our face. If we apply on our skin, we will provide a perfectly toned and glowing skin and can avoid using cosmetics containing many elements harmful to our bodies and the environment. It is rich in vitamin A and contribute to a very good image.

Megan Fox Vinagre de manzana - Blow Dry Bar

In Blow Dry Bar bet 100% of organic and natural products that respect the environment and the future of our planet.

Megan Fox or Scarlett Johanson use it daily…  What are you waiting for?


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