Paris: Global Fashion Capital 2015

Ciudad de la Moda 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid
Daniele Sigligiano | Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

Escrito por Daniele Sigigliano


As we talked about last year, we want to tell you about Fashion Capital: last edition, New York was the selected, and this year, the winner has been Paris… We love Paris: its streets, its shops, its people, its glamour… its bistros, its macarons, its Tower, EVERYTHING!

Ciudad de la Moda 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

Paris: Capital de la Moda 2015

Bistro and macarons

This year we have Barcelona and Madrid in Top 10, in 7 and 9 position, respectively, but that isn’t all: Europeans, we’re lucky! We count wit 7 Capitals in top of list, far followed by USA with two, and Asia with one.

Ciudad de la Moda 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

Top 25 with the world’s leading fashion capitals in 2015 (Source:

Ciudad de la Moda 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

First places in the last four years (Source:

Do you know why Paris is a good election?

We remember some fashion milestones in this beautiful capital:

Coco Chanel: French fashion designer that revolutionized fashion and haute couture in interwar periods. Breaking with Belle Époque elegance, her casual and comfortable line set female body free of corset and adornment, and put into words the aspirations of freedom and equality of 20th Century’s woman.  Where she was settled? In Paris, of course…

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Actresses as mythical Catherine Deneuve and Léa Seydoux: their styles are too different, but with Parisian glamour in common

Catherine Deneuve and Lea Seydoux.

And talking about de glamour… anybody forget Carrie Bradshaw’s stage in the City of Love? She went with Alexandr Petrovsky and returned with Mr. Big…


Carrie Bradshaw’ in Paris

We can’t talk about Carrie, without mentioning the shoes… designer Christian Loboutin, was born in Paris, and opened his first shops there. Anything else?

Christian Louboutin

Christian Loboutin

Yes! The most exclusive luxury firm in world, is Parisian too… any idea? Louis Vuitton, doubtlessly!!

Louis Vuitton, imagen de París

Louis Vuitton

It’s no surprise that it is Fashion Capital, right? Paris, Je t’aime!!


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