Do you know Valentine’s Day story?

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Next Sunday we celebrate Valentine’s Day and although this day may seem very commercial, and we get bored of seeing red hearts in showcases, the story is curious and least known.

historia de san valentin

In 270 A.D., Claudius II, Emperor of Rome, forbade marriage. Claudius issued this decree because he was convinced that married men were bad soldiers because, in case of war would not be separated from their families.

historia de san valentin

Claudius also forbade Christianity at that time because he wanted to be praised as the supreme god, as Rome Emperor.

Valentine was bishop during this period of oppression. He thought Rome decrees were unworthy and was convinced that people should be free to love God and marriage, so he asked young couples who were to him. They did it, and Valentine secretly married them.

historia de san valentin

But in few time, Valentine was arrested and took him to the emperor. He saw that Valentine was a man of great faith, and willpower greater than the rest. Claudius tried to persuade Valentin again and again to renounce Christianity and serve the empire and the Roman gods. In return, Claudius was willing to forgive him and make him one of its allies. But Valentine clung to their faith and did not renounce Christ. As a result, the emperor sentenced to a three-part execution: first of all, he received a beating, then, romans throw him stones and finally, they behead Valentine.

historia de san valentin

Valentine died on February 14 of the year 270 A.D.


«From your Valentine» sent his beloved from prison today is the saying of Valentine’s Day..


While he was in prison awaiting his death sentence, Valentin fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. During the time he was imprisoned, there was a miracle, and she regained her sight. Valentin sent her a farewell note, signing it «from your Valentine». Even today, this message remains the motto of the celebrations of Valentine’s Day, the day of love.

historia de san valentin


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