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On Sunday May 17, MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas opened its doors for the 2015 Billboard music Awards. We could see artists as Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor, Britney Spears … and, of course, we review all looks.

Taylor Swift Billboard 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluquería Madrid

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is unstoppable! She took 8 of the 14 awards for which it was nominated for: Best Album, Best New Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Digital Artist, Best Artist of the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 Singles Artist Best lists and also she won Billboard chart achievement award (fan-voted)

If the style was another category, we are sure that she had taken some award most: very successful in his look, as she usually uses to be. Remains faithful to her Bob style, dark blond XXL volume, with bangs covering her forehead and disheveled tips. Very casual and flattering.

Iggy Azalea Billboard 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluquería Madrid

Iggy Azalea

The singer was the winner of the award for Top Streaming Artist, and Top Rap Artist. Iggy Azalea, wore long bob hairstyle, blond and with candy pink tips: it takes all kinds: she was also criticized and praised.

Rita Meghan Britney Spears Billboard 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluquería Madrid

Rita Meghan, Britney Spears y Rita Ora.

The three singers came with their hair long blonde; Meghan Trainor, with lighter tips, and a part in left side and wavy bang and tips.

Britney Spears with layered haircut, and a few strands as a fringe: the Queen of Pop did not disappoint in her performance and showed she still has too much to contribute to the music world, and we think she was really pretty with platinum blonde hair.

Platinum blond is absolutely typical of Rita Ora, who decided to attend the event with her hair with marked waves.

Mariah Carey Jlo Billboard 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluquería Madrid

Mariah Carey y Jennifer López.

The two singers wore their long manes degraded: brown by the root and lighter at the ends. Mariah Carey with a part in right side, dropping the bangs on the face; with lots of volume and wavy style.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez, with a part in middle, with thinned towards the ends and marked degraded. The wild-looking hair, favors a lot to the Puerto Rican.

Kendall Kylie Jenner Billboard 2015 - Blow Dry Bar Peluquería Madrid

Kendall y Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian’s sisters always with a beautiful dark and long hair, attended the event with different styles: while Kendall Jenner appeared with straight hair, slicked back without part, her sister Kylie did it with maxi volume and part in the left side.


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