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The wedding dress comes first, okay, but if you have already decided, you have to move to the second phase: our hair!

«The day» is the most important day for a woman and our hair has to be impressive. Our advice is to choose what you like. Look trends, get advice, and everything must always be tailored to you and your own style, is how you do not feel uncomfortable in your most special day. You must feel comfortable with your hair like your dress. Take enough time, do not leave it to the last minute. You may need some treatment your hair to look really espectacular!

Blow Dry Bar tips:

  • Do not make a radical change, feel comfortable with your style.
  • Do not wait until the last minute, avoid last minute nerves!
  • Choose your accessories, but think before the hairstyle.
  • And above all … be advice. Your specialist will also thinks of you!!!

Are you getting married? Why wait to come to Blow Dry Bar Madrid?

Make an appointment with our specialists and we will make a celebrity in your bride’s hairstyles … and enjoy your day!!


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