I am not blonde or brunette … my hair is «bronde!»

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We found a trend that is beginning to make a room in brown-hair celebrities’ world: bronde. It is a gradient from brown to blonde, ranging from darker on roots to lighter on the tips.

If you want to have a light hair, with less maintenance, this technique is made for you. It is ideal for chestnuts women who want to illuminate their hairs, without looking blonde or blondes who want to move to dark tones, without undergoing a radical change.

A very positive point of ‘bronde’, is that it can be done in any type of hair and different lengths of hair. It is performed with techniques such as babylights, ensuring perfect results as fully as it can enhance or attenuate different areas.

The first of all, is to choose the tones that favor the skin, and, with babylights, apply throughout the hair being very merged and it led to overall color.

Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bündchen - blow dry bar peluqueria madrid

Jennifer Aniston y Gisele Bündchen


Thus, we can conclude that it isn’t new: celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, show off for years. Gisele Bundchen is also a big fan of ‘bronde’ (insertar foto de Gisele Bündchen)

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