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Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid
Daniele Sigligiano | Blow Dry Bar Peluqueria Madrid

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The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival was held from 13 to 24 May 2015. Joel and Ethan Coen were announced as the Presidents of the Jur. Sienna Miller and Rossy de Palma, was part of this body too.

We show you a gallery with actresses’ makeovers:

Rossy de Palma Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Rossy de Palma.

Spanish actress Rossy de Palma kept her hair collected along Gala days with a stretched bow without part, but o tell the truth, the day which she wore Sybilla’s red dress, she accompanied her up do with same color flowers. Mane was released just one day, and also with a floral motif, she matched it with the coral-colored dress signed by Juanjo Oliva.

Sienna Miller Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Sienna Miller.

Actress Sienna Miller has played well with her hairstyle. She has a bob haircut that we love, and this time, it has been her hair down and wavy, semi-up do with loose lock hair, up do with braids, with pompadour and smooth and flicked out ends with part line.

Cate Blanchett Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Cate Blanchett.

Actress Cate Blanchett attended the ceremony with three looks: once very vintage, another with her hair up, and the last one, very casual, under our point of view wins the casual look. Her long bob style looks good, in any case.

Nieves Alvarez Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Nieves Álvarez.

Spanish Nieves Alvarez makes the most out of its bob hairstyle: in one of his appearances, the actress combed her hair up, and the other day, she preferred the look with her hair down. We voted for the hair down!

Rachel Weisz Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Rachel Weisz.

Beautiful Rachel Weisz, wore four different looks on her attendance to the Gala; also with the desired look bob, the actress combed her hair down in three of the four occasions. And two of these three days, she wored her hair with waves, very vintage, and only one with straight hair. As much hair down, as hair up, he combed parted on the left. Our favorite is the vintage look with white dress.

Jane Fonda Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Jane Fonda.

Great actress Jane Fonda came two days the festival: one of them with her hair up, and another, with her hair down, and in both cases, maxi volume in hers usual style 70’s. We love when she has her hair down!

Natalie Portman Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Natalie Portman.

The sweetness in the expression of the actress, hasn’t comparison. In Cannes, we have seen Natalie Portman with four different styles, and we have to recognize that we love everyone … We’ve only seen Nataly with her hair down one day, the rest, has come to the event with her hair up, which, in our opinion, it favors her a lot.

Naomi Watts Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Naomi Watts.

Actress Naomi Watts has shown three looks: hair up, semi collected and hair down. Hair down look, Naomi chose a vintage style, with right part and very set waves. For hair up look, she combed her hair with pompadour without part. Finally, in hers semi up-do look, we see that she repeated part in the right side, and loose locks. We like it last look, because casual hair style, always makes us look younger.

Eva Longoria Cannes 2015 - BlowDryBar Peluqueria Madrid

Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria also attended the event in Cannes, and she did it with two looks: hair down, and hair up. Ultra-smooth actress’s hair, in its natural brown, favored her so much, puffy hair, like a pompadour. The hair up look, with long loose lock, leaving her shoulders bared, also looks great!

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